Products - Seal inserts for circlips

Seal inserts for circlips

Butyl sealing bands for temperatures from -40° C to +130° C
(Basis: synth. india rubber)

Border sealing rings cons. of Perbunan, EPDM (black) or APTK for 1, 2 or 3 mm pipes.

The border sealing ring is a seal consisting og Perbunan, EPDM (black) or APTK for a border edge height of approx. 6 mm. Depending on pipe wall thickness, the seal is selected in 1, 2 or 3 mm. The border sealing ring is attached to the border edge and is then a fixed component of the pipe. This provides the possibility of opening and closing the connecting joint without having to reseal.

Please note that in the case of border sealing rings, the specified temperature ranges only apply to the respective material itself. The sealing ring joint is only resistent to a maximum of +80°C.



In hydraulics and Pneumatics, resistent to hydraulic oils, water glycoles and oil in water emulsions, mineral oils and mineral oil products, animal and vegetable oils, petrol, heating oil, waer up to approx. 70°C, air up to 90°C.


Steam up to 200°C, hot water, air up to 150°C, diluted acids, not resistent against mineral oil products