Delivery terms – Status: 01.01.2007

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Minimum order value: Net goods value of € 40.00.
Surcharge for quantity shortage: We surcharge € 15.00 for goods valued below € 75.00.
Packaging costs: per bundle
per packet/package
per pallet
per disposable pallet
per outsized europallet
2.00 EUR
2.00 EUR
5.00 EUR
10.00 EUR
15.00 EUR
Certification costs: WAZ 2.2 for semi-finished material

WAZ 3.1 B for semi-finished material
€ 13.00 per batch
€ 18.00 per batch

All sales prices understood as not inlcuding legal VAT, packaging and shipping costs.

Individually granted discounts refer only to the gross goods value. Inflation surcharges, surcharges for quantity shortages, freight and packaging surcharges or other services are not discountable.

All deliveries and services are subject to our General Delivery and Payment Terms & Conditions.

Shipping is usually conducted by our contract agent; shipping costs are invoiced with our goods statement.

All previous lists become invalid upon release of a new price list.

Errors reserved.