Series 2 Part II


Special factory for flange rings, circlets, collars and bands have entailed our high-quality product portfolio since the 1960s.


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Werner Kemminer GmbH!

Flanges, circlips and more - made in Germany -

We are a company in the metal processing industry.In accordance with our corporate philosophy - made in Germany - we have specialised in the production of flange rings, circlips, collars and bands since the beginning of the 1960s.

At this point we would like to introduce our company as well as our delivery and manufacturing options.

For the fastest possible order processing we stock apart from two-part circlips for 1 mm as well as for 2-3 mm piping more than 100,000 flange rings on a permanent basis acc. to EN 12220 (Edition 07/66), DIN 24154 (Edition 07/66) Line 2-5, as well as flange rings acc. to DIN 24154 (Edition 07/90) Part I+II in rough, galvanised and stainless steel versions (Material 1.4301, 1.4541, 1.4571).

Specially dimensioned flange rings are manufactured on commission in the most rapid, precise and cost-efficient manner possible due to our highly flexible production lines.

Reliability, flexibility and high quality. Properties, which our national and international clients have come to appreciate since decades.

If, after an initial impression, you are of the opinion that we may be able to help you with the solution of your problems, we have achieved the objective of our short introduction.

In this case we would ask you to contact us.

The fastest and most reliable means of contact is by Phone or Fax using the numbers listed.