Company portrait

Major accomplishments

We are a company in the metal processing industry. In accordance with our corporate philosophy - made in Germany - we have specialised in the production of flange rings, circlips, collars and bands since the beginning of the 1960s.

In the course of our company history we have continuously adapted and optimised our production procedures to technical possibilities - a process still under way today. Our special procedure enables the exceptionally rational cold formation of flat and profile steels, whereby minimum tolerances are guaranteed.

Our warehouse - Your advantage

Due to the continuously positive development since the founding of the company, we are now one of the leading flange ring manufacturers for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

Our national and international customers appreciate our performance as well as our delivery options. Apart from two-part circlips for 1 mm as well as for 2-3 mm piping, we stock more than 100,000 flange rings on a permanent basis acc. to EN 12220 (Edition 06/98), DIN 24154 (Edition 07/66) Line 2-5, as well as flange rings acc. to DIN 24154 (Edition 07/90) Part I+II in rough, galvanised and stainless steel versions (Material 1.4301, 1.4541, 1.4571).

The predominant part of standard goods is delivered on the day of order.

We are able to manufacture flange rings with special dimensions quickly, precisely and cost-efficiently due to our highly flexible production lines, in accordance with our motto: We are small enough to respond to your special requirements. We are large enough to be your efficient partner in all other areas.